Finnair: jatkuuko lento itsenäisenä?

Tänään raportoinut Lufthansa nosti ohjeistustaan.

“The Lufthansa Group expects demand for tickets to remain high for the remaining months of the year - people’s wish to travel continues unabated. Bookings for the months August to December 2022 are currently at an average of 83 percent of the pre-crisis level.”

“For the full year 2022, the Lufthansa Group expects the offered capacity at the passenger airlines to amount to around 75 percent on average. Despite continuing uncertainty regarding global economic and geopolitical developments and the further progress of the Corona pandemic, the Group specifies its outlook and now expects Adjusted EBIT to be above 500 million euros for the full year of 2022. This forecast is in line with current market expectations. The Lufthansa Group also expects a clearly positive Adjusted free cash flow for the full year. Net capital expenditure is expected to amount to around EUR 2.5bn.”

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Finnairin heinäkuun liikennetiedot on julkaistu. :point_down:

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