Volvo Cars - täysin sähköinen 2030

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Volvo Cars nousi mukaan MSCI World -indeksiin. MSCI tsekkaa indeksin mahdolliset osakemuutokset puolivuosittain.

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Bernstein aloitti Volvo Carsin seurannan tavoitehinnalla 90 kruunua ja suosituksella “outperform”. Samalla Bernstein aloitti useiden eurooppalaisten autonvalmistajien seurannan. Outperform-suositus tuli myös Mersulle ja Bemarille. Alla Bernsteinin perusteita Volvo Cars -suositukselleen englanniksi.

"Volvo Cars is a premium car manufacturer with a solid strategy and the ability to execute faster than its sector colleagues.

Bernstein writes this in a market letter in connection with the start of monitoring of several European car manufacturers.

As Nyhetsbyrån Direkt reported earlier on Tuesday, Bernstein has begun monitoring Volvo Cars with the outperform recommendation and the target price of SEK 90 per share.

“We expect growth of 16 percent for revenue and 24 percent for earnings per share per year until 2023, with earnings per share in 2023 of SEK 5.84,” Bernstein writes.

According to Bernstein, the potential positive effects from Polestar’s spac listing, as well as the start-up company’s ability to reach break-even in 2024, add another upside.

Bernstein’s target price of SEK 90 for Volvo Cars indicates a steep valuation of p / e 13 times 2023 year earnings, a multiple which, however, is expected to be “normalized” to 11 times for 2024.

“We see it as justified given a premium in terms of the pricing ability of its cars, rapid growth in revenue and earnings per share, as well as a potential value released from Polestar,” Bernstein writes.

Bernstein points out, however, that the stock market is still struggling with its relationship with Volvo Cars, with its limited free float (less than 20 percent) and its ownership in Polestar.

According to the sector analysis, Bernstein’s recommendation will be outperform for Volvo Cars, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. For Stellantis, Renault and Volkswagen, the recommendation will be market perform and for Porsche Holding it will be underperform."

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