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It’s a quiet Saturday morning in Inderes land, and a thought just popped in my head when going through my “backlog” of older discussions…

By and large Inderes forum tends to be conducted only in Finnish language. However, I’ve noticed that there are at least some active non-Finnish speaking commenters (for example in the Sampo & Remedy threads at least), whose contributions have been very good and valuable.

Also, in the thread on Inderes as a company there has been discussion (and some hopes) about potential future international expansion of the firm itself.

So, in the spirit of us as the “Inderes community” actively contributing to develop the company further, and overall becoming a more inclusive forum also towards non-Finns, I thought to make my modest contribution by creating this thread.

Idea is the same as in the famous (infamous?) Inderesin Kahvihuone, ie general free discussion, except in other languages than Finnish.

So, let’s see what outcome this little experiment brings. Might very well be that there’s no real interest/demand and this will soon be buried in the graveyard of forgotten threads, but hey at least then we’ll know. Then again, in the best case this could help to expand the community and bring in new contributions & viewpoints, and therefore helping all of us make more educated investment decisions.

So: how do you see - any interest in this?

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This hits the spot the like that famous stone that went through Timo’s seat, up in the ass of Timo.

But in a good way. :grin:

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Very welcome and interesting expirement! :slight_smile: There seems to be indeed a few English etc. speaking members. Im also interested to see, how well foorumi works with multiple languages mixed or should we eventually have different language versions.

I’ll ping @Yu_Gong so he can follow up this thread as well.

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Hi to all in international Coffee Corner! My name is Kristian Niemi and have been posting on the Finnish side a bit, but this is great thread as my YouTube-channel Arctic Money is in English. My channel focuses on investing, financial freedom and stocks mostly. I kicked off the year with a bit different kind of video though, which I will leave here as a teaser for you. The video will answer the question: where can you get your weekly groceries shopping done with the best prices? Lidl, Prisma, K-Citymarket, Oda, Wolt and Foodora go head to head in this basket comparison. So if saving money is as important to you as making the right stock picks, this video is for you. Other videos in my channel include for example analysis on Alibaba, Flow Traders, Gazprom… I present my stock portfolio there and also other nice related stuff. Check it out and subscribe if you like the content :slight_smile: happy 2022 everyone!

Cheapest food in Finland? (Basket comparison of Lidl, Prisma, K-Citymarket, ODA, Wolt, Foodora) - YouTube

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So far the participation here reminds me of my birthday party, except quality of discussions slightly better at least :grin:

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I won’t give up on this channel, and I will keep posting until this channel makes it!

My newest video is a book summary of Soccernomics, a great book combining football and economics. If there is people like me on this channel, whose life revolves around economics, investing and football, check this one out :slight_smile:

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I’d personally consider this thread as a success without it being in any way dependent on the amount of messages sent into this thread - the fact that this thread exists and the English speaking audience can utilize it at any given point is a big win for the Forum as a whole! :relieved:

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Exciting times we live as investors. Jeremy Grantham published an article LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN* (Approaching the End of) The First U.S. Bubble Extravaganza: Housing, Equities, Bonds, and Commodities. This video is my take on the article. Check the article check my video, and you get a perspective on what might be going on in the market. Later this week I will also publish a video on my portfolio on the Arctic Money Youtube channel and what changes I have made there recently, partly influenced by Grantham too.

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