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Securitas on yksi näitä osakkeita, jotka ei ole kovin hyvin toipuneet muun pörssin vanavedessä. Edelleen ytd -30%. Ja 5 vuottakin -13%. Ei mikään kurssiraketti.

Covid-19 vaikutuksia on listattu hieman tässä tiedotteessa https://www.securitas.com/media/regulatory-press-releases/securitas-update-on-operational-and-financial-impacts-related-to-the-covid-19/

The spread of the COVID-19 and the measures put in place to prevent further spreading impact markets where Securitas has a significant presence. In terms of sales, the company sees a reduction in certain parts of its business. Such relates foremost to the aviation segment and extra sales. As passenger traffic has decreased sharply, sales related to passenger and luggage screening have declined. Extra sales affected at this point in time relate to cancelled events and exhibitions. A current reduction in some of the portfolio business is also noted due to clients implementing Business Contingency Plan measures, as are currently reduced levels of installations of larger electronic security projects. There are also certain increases in service levels, mostly related to protection of closed stores and facilities, crowd control for grocery stores and healthcare institutions, but also an increasing focus on technology solutions where we have strong capabilities and offerings.

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