Biohit ja Venäjän seulonnat

Tämmöisen avauksen poimin kauppalehden puolelta. Mikä on arvionne uutisen todenmukaisuudesta ja koskeeko seulonnat nyt yhtä ”procinssia” vai venäjää tylipäätänsä?

"In the Sakhalin region will be checked for cancer as part of the medical examination

Tests for the detection of cancer of the stomach and colon will be free

SOUTH SAKHALINSK, January 29. / TASS /. The authorities of the Sakhalin region decided to supplement the standard medical examination carried out as part of the medical examination of the population with a study to detect cancer. This was announced on Wednesday by TASS by a representative of the region’s Ministry of Health.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly recalled that the country’s healthcare system should be developed in such a way that the life expectancy of the population exceeds 73 years. The Ministry of Health of the TASS region said that now the Sakhalin region has the worst oncology mortality rates in the country - 85th place. But positive dynamics are beginning to appear on this issue. For example, in 2018, cancer in the early stages was detected in 48% of cases, and in 2019, the region approached 52%.

" The standards of medical examination this year will be expanded. As part of the medical examination, the gastropanel (tests to detect cancer of the stomach and colon) is planned to be performed for patients over 45 years old - patients whose relatives have been diagnosed with stomach cancer, as well as smokers and patients who have blood changes, "the source said.

According to the regional authorities, for patients this type of diagnosis will be free. “Due to the fact that cancer testing will be included in the clinical examination, people will be able to identify problems even in the early stages. Treatment will begin on time, there will be more chances to cure and save lives. It’s no secret that the main problem with cancer is usually that a person simply does not know about its presence, and time is wasted, "a representative of the regional government commented on TASS.

In 2019, as part of the clinical examination in the Sakhalin Region, doctors in the region examined more than 200 thousand islanders - more than 40% of the total population. Medical examinations revealed more than 4 thousand cases of diseases among residents, including diseases of the circulatory system, circulatory and respiratory organs, diabetes mellitus and malignant neoplasms.

Improving the health care system in the Sakhalin Oblast is carried out on the national project “Healthcare”. In 2019, the island authorities introduced additional measures to increase the coverage of residents with preventive examinations. 2.7 billion rubles were allocated for the re-equipment of regional medical institutions, 225 units of equipment were purchased, the salaries of doctors and paramedical staff in polyclinics were increased, the target set for medical universities was doubled.

About the national project
The National Health Care project involves reducing the mortality rate of the working-age population (up to 350 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants) by 2024, eliminating the personnel shortage in organizations providing primary health care, and ensuring that all citizens receive coverage with preventive medical examinations at least once every year. In total, it is planned to spend more than 1.7 trillion rubles in the implementation of the national project in the Russian Federation in 2019-2024."

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Jos virallinen suositus on käyttää hitin gastropanelia ja tehdä seulontoja sillä niin kova päällikkö pitää olla ettei sitä tee varsinkin kun on laskettu että se säästää tuhottomasti ruplia jatkossa.