Energia-alan teknologinen kehitys ja sijoitusmahdollisuudet

“The authors estimate that the current, baseline cost of hydrogen ($6.40/kg) would be pushed down to $4.16/kg if production capacity was lifted to 5,000 units per year. Improvements in offshore wind turbine technology and a ten-fold scale-up of current installed electrolyser capacity further reduces the cost of hydrogen to $2.63/kg, with a one hundred-fold scale-up further reducing the cost to $1.57/kg. A similar pattern holds for the capital cost of electrolyser units: a baseline of $1990/kW, to $590/kW (production capacity increases) then on to $431/kW and $300/kW (installed capacity increases).!”


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Isabel Schnabel says low-carbon economy ‘poses measurable upside risks’ to inflation projections over medium term

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“ITM Power GmbH has been approved for a €1.95m award for the project SINEWAVE, as part of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research´s (BMBF) hydrogen flagship project H2Giga that focusses on technology development for series production and industrialisation of electrolysis systems. The project runs to March 2025 and is the first time ITM Power has accessed German Federal funding.”

" The consortium partners are:

  • Linde GmbH (project coordinator)
  • ITM Linde Electrolysis (ILE) GmbH,
  • ITM Power GmbH,
  • Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Institute of Fluid Dynamics
  • Technical University of Dresden, Institute of Process Engineering and Environmental Technology
  • Technical University of Munich, Institute of Plant and Process Technology"
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Aker Horizons and its Aker Offshore Wind and Aker Clean Hydrogen businesses said 10GW of floating wind turbines supported by “multiple floating installations” producing green H2 could be ready to start initial production by 2030 and would cost “billions of pounds” to build using “giant turbines nearly as tall as the London Shard on floating platforms more than 130km from Shetland”.

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Vaasaan tulossa uutta toimijaa:




Edit: Kyseessä on eri tontti kuin Johnson Matthey:n varaama ja jonka kohtalo on nyt epävarma kun yritys laittoi akkudivisioonan myyntiin. Näiden lisäksi Freyer Batterylla on 90 ha tonttivaraus alueelle.

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“Maersk is contracting for four additional 16,000 TEU container ships from Hyundai Mipo shipyard as part of its order for new vessels capable of operating on methanol originally announced in August 2021. In possibly one of the worst kept secrets in the shipping industry, Maersk is confirming the reports that it exercised the options for the four vessels.”

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" Billionaire Gautam Adani’s group and South Korea’s Posco have signed a pact to explore business opportunities in India, including the setting up of a green steel mill in Gujarat, with a potential investment of as much as $5 billion in the coming years.

The non-binding agreement between Adani Group and the South Korean steel giant will also seek to collaborate in various industries such as renewable energy, hydrogen and logistics in response to carbon-reduction requirements, Adani Enterprises Ltd. said in an exchange filing on Thursday."

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Thyssenkrupp’s (TKAG.DE) electrolysis business is aiming for proceeds of up to 600 million euros ($687 million) by selling new shares in a possible initial public offering this year, betting on the $130 billion hydrogen sector it supplies.

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On tämä turhauttavaa Bidenin tukipaketin kanssa, kun paketin hyväksymisen tiellä on ilmastokysymysten sijaan riita sosiaalituista:

The West Virginia Democrat had suggested a proposal that would keep much of the bill’s $550 billion in climate spending but nix the expanded child tax credit and other social programs, leading to a public spat between Manchin and the White House.

Still, Democrats have little appetite for splitting up the package in to multiple bills that could be more palatable for Manchin and other centrists, even though Manchin himself said last week that the climate portion "is one that we probably can come to agreement much easier than anything else.

Eikö sitä ilmastotukiosaa voisi vain irrottaa omakseen ja riidelkööt lapsiavustuksesta rauhassa.

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Pari päivää vanha juttu.
E.ON hankki osuuden Horisont Energistä ja näkyi kurssissa.


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"The milestone will mark a significant moment for BP which wants to shift away from oil and expand operations in power markets and around electric vehicles (EV).

EV charging has for years been a loss-making business as a whole for BP and rivals as they invest heavily in its expansion. The division is not expected to turn profitable before 2025 but on a margin basis, BP’s fast battery charging points, which can replenish a battery within minutes, are nearing levels they see from filling up with petrol."

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"Ammonia, as a carrier of choice, dominates the current wave of hydrogen export projects.

Wood Mackenzie’s Hydrogen Project Tracker, which follows the progress of announced global hydrogen supply projects, shows most of the 100-plus low-carbon hydrogen supply projects announced to date in the Middle East, Australia, Latin America and Africa to be targeting exports.

More than 85% of the proposed capacity integrates ammonia and hydrogen to some degree, with ammonia intended for export markets and the remainder, hydrogen, largely aimed at domestic markets."

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Että näin:

On se kumma, että suomalaiset eivät saa itse mitään aikaiseksi, ihan riittävästi noita OX2 hankkeita jo Suomen mantereellakin.

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Scottwind 1 tarjouskilpailun tulokset. Jäi Aker offshorelle luu käteen. mm. Orstedille yksi projekti:

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BW Ideolin kurssi nousussa. Kuuluu tuohon BayWa-ryhmään. Taasko veikkasin väärää hevosta? No kunhan kurssimuutokset rauhottuvat, saatan ostaa Ideolia.

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WASHINGTON, Jan 18 (Reuters) - The White House is preparing an alternative to its $1.75 trillion spending bill that will keep climate change measures but pare down or cut items like the child tax credit and paid family leave, hoping to appeal to U.S. Senator Joe Manchin and other Democrats as soon as this week, said two people working on the plan.

President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to pivot from a long-shot attempt to pass voting rights legislation [through the Senate] on Tuesday, then renew talks in earnest with lawmakers on a slimmed-down version of the [Build Back Better] bill, the sources said.

Manchin indicated earlier this month that he supported $555 billion in climate spending, including production tax credits for solar and wind industries, which are seen as vital to ensure the United States reaches its 2030 emissions reduction goals, the sources said.

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