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Löytyykö joltain syvempää osaamista tutkimuksen tulosten tulkitsemiseen. Vaikuttaa kuitenkin positiiviselta Genovikselle.

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Genovis and GlycoT Therapeutics enter into license agreements for a new platform in antibody labeling

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Redeyen mietteitä, soppari voisi johtaa siihen että Genovis ostaa GlykoTn.


We are excited about this agreement, which we would like to label as strategic and customer-offer-centric. Let us elaborate further on what we mean by this:

  • Upon a successful collaboration, it could well lead to that Genovis, in our view, acquires GlycoT (unknown timing factor)
  • Improving the workflow for site-specific antibody conjugation is truly about solving customer problems in research, biopharma, and diagnostics
  • Speaking of diagnostics, this usually is not an application area we associate with Genovis enzyme business, traditionally used for analytics within biopharma. Hence, this agreement expands Genovis offerings to (sort of) new customer segments
  • The cross-licensing agreement is a cost-effective way to broaden Genovis customer offering

Besides, we like that Genovis pursue strategic efforts in its competence areas and do what it does best; providing high-value and customer-centric enzyme technology. It bodes well for continuous and enduring top-line growth.

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