Nekkar ASA - norjalainen disruptoija

Tasaista tekemistä. Valuutoista negaa ja jonkin verran viime vuoden alle.

10MUSD palvelusopimuksen lisäksi ei ilmeisesti mitään muuta olennaista backlogiin lisätty :slightly_frowning_face:

16 February 2023 - The fourth quarter was Nekkar ASA’s (Nekkar) strongest
revenue-wise in 2022 with revenue of NOK 125 million (Q4 2021: 138). EBIT in the
fourth quarter ended at NOK 34 million (45). Order intake was NOK 105 million
(28) resulting at a healthy order backlog of NOK 824 at the end of 2022. The
company’s balance sheet remains solid, with NOK 181 million in net cash.
Subsequent to year-end, the company signed a breakthrough contract for the
InteliWell joint venture.

“Our operational performance in the fourth quarter has been good, reflecting
strong revenues from both newbuild and aftermarket projects. Our order intake
echoes continued high tendering activity within Shipyard Solutions, and we
experience encouraging progress for our impact technologies. Overall, the fourth
quarter was another step in the right direction for all our business areas,”
says Ole Falk Hansen, CEO of Nekkar.

Order intake in the fourth quarter was NOK 105 million (28), close to four
times as high as the corresponding quarter in 2021. The order intake includes a
USD 10 million contract for upgrade of third-party shiplift systems in Dubai
Maritime City. Nekkar’s order backlog remains strong at NOK 824 million as of 31
December 2022, providing excellent visibility for the Shipyard Solutions
business area in the coming years.

Nekkar reported revenue of NOK 125 million (138) in the fourth quarter 2022.
The company’s operational EBITDA was NOK 13 million (47), negatively affected by
a USD depreciation versus NOK during the fourth quarter 2022. Reported EBITDA
was NOK 38 million (48), positively affected by gain on FX contracts, and EBIT
was NOK 34 million (45).

“As the majority of Nekkar’s projects are invoiced in USD, both operational and
reported EBITDA become impacted - in opposite directions. However, the
underlying operational and financial performance is good in Nekkar,” adds Ole
Falk Hansen.

Nekkar’s balance sheet remains solid. At year-end 2022, the company had NOK 181
million in cash, no interest-bearing debt, and an undrawn NOK 200 million credit
facility available for future investments.


Nekkar is currently developing sustainable and digitalized impact technologies
that aim to unlock customer value in ocean-based industries. These technologies
include the InteliWell rig automation solution, SkyWalker wind turbine
installation tool, and Starfish closed fish cage. The fourth quarter of 2022 and
subsequent months have been productive for Nekkar’s drive towards
commercialization of these impact technologies.

In November 2022, BMS Heavy Cranes entered into an innovation agreement for the
development and testing of the SkyWalker wind turbine installation tool.
Moreover, Nekkar has in recent months received approaches from operators of
offshore wind farms who express an interest in utilizing SkyWalker for equipment
replacements at offshore wind farms.

“Our original intention for SkyWalker was to use it solely as a wind turbine
installation tool, first onshore and then for quayside assembly of offshore wind
turbines. However, recent requests from operators indicate that they are
interested in deploying SkyWalker in the operations and maintenance phase of an
offshore wind farm. This could expand its commercial potential significantly,”
adds Ole Falk Hansen.

Subsequent to the end of the fourth quarter, the InteliWell joint venture, which
Nekkar is part of together with Transocean and Viasat, has signed its first
commercial contract. The four-year contract is with an undisclosed major rig
operator. Nekkar’s subsidiary, Intellilift, will execute the project on behalf
of the joint venture during 2023.


For the full year 2022, Nekkar delivered revenue of NOK 388 million (2021: 480),
with an operational EBITDA of NOK 70 million (143), reported EBITDA of NOK 62
million (140) and EBIT of NOK 52 million (135). Order intake was NOK 257 million
in 2022, versus NOK 113 million the year before. Net cash flow from operations
was NOK 38 million (-59.6 million).

Since 2019, Nekkar has implemented a strategy to drive more revenue from sales
of services, spare parts and upgrades for shiplifts and transfer systems. This
strategy continues to yield results. In 2022, revenue from service grew by 48
percent to NOK 68 million, while order intake from service increased 30 percent
versus the prior year.


2022 Q4 presis
en_Nekkar ASA_Q4_2022_presentation.pdf (3,6 Mt)

IntelliWell tehnyt 4 vuoden sopimuksen katsauskauden jälkeen. En nyt muista aiemmin nähneeni mainintaa :thinking:
Lisäksi Skywalkerista tehty innovaatiosopimusta, kaupallistaminen edistyy

Edit: Pitääpä vielä nostaa erikseen tämä maininta CEO:n kommenteista

“Our original intention for SkyWalker was to use it solely as a wind turbine installation tool, first onshore and then for quayside assembly of offshore wind turbines. However, recent requests from operators indicate that they are interested in deploying SkyWalker in the operations and maintenance phase of an offshore wind farm. This could expand its commercial potential significantly,” adds Ole Falk Hansen.

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Tarkemmin käyty läpi Starfishin kehitystä, rakennetta ja business casea.

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Uutta kasvualustaa ja osaavia käsipareja :partying_face:

Techano meni tai oli menossa koskurssiin, kun piti toimittaa Islantilaisen asiakkaan kautta Venäjälle isoa toimitusta. Loppui rahat ja Nekkar otti sitten koppia ainakin tekijöistä.

The nine person strong engineering team from Techano has extensive industry
experience with product delivery and project execution within the renewables,
aquaculture and marine industries.

Tämä osa erityisesti miellytti ilmoituksessa :grin:

Nekkar acquires Techano Group for an undisclosed immaterial amount.

Vastuista en sitten tiedä, mitä tuolta jäi jäljelle tai tuleeko mukana. Mutta palvelu- ja tuotevalikoima sopii hyvin Nekkarin vastaavaan :+1:

Nekkar strengthens business offering with smart, electric lifting and handling solutions
23.3.2023 08:00:00 CET | Nekkar ASA | Non-regulatory press releases

23 March 2023 - Nekkar ASA (Nekkar) strengthens its presence within renewables
and aquaculture through the acquisition of Techano Group (Techano) based in
Kristiansand, Norway.

The add-on business will combine Nekkar’s unique in-house automation,
electrification, and software competence, with personnel from Techano who are
specialists in load handling and lifting equipment for the renewable,
aquaculture, offshore and marine industries.

“By combining strong industry competence from an established business with our
impact technology we will strengthen our offering in the industry verticals that
Nekkar is targeting, especially the renewables and aquaculture industries.
Together, we will develop smart, electric lifting and handling solutions that
are fully automated and digitized, capable of challenging the incumbent
solutions in the market,” says Ole Falk Hansen, CEO of Nekkar.

Tuolta lisää Techanosta


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InteliWell julkaisi vihdoin sopimuksen. Tämä kai piti tulla jo alkuvuodesta :grin:
Parempi kuitenkin nyt kuin ei ollenkaan

Sopparin arvosta ei mitään mainintaa, mutta tärkeintä on nyt saada tuotantokäyttöön ja sitä kautta laajennettua toimintaa eteenpäin

Nekkar ASA: InteliWell JV secures first rig services contract
2.5.2023 10:16:18 CEST | Nekkar ASA | Additional regulated information required
to be disclosed under the laws of a member state

2nd May May 2023 - InteliWell signs initial contract for the joint venture’s
game-changing drilling automation solution, InteliWell, as previously announced.

InteliWell, a joint venture formed to accelerate autonomous well construction,
today announced that Transocean, on behalf of its customers Wintershall Dea and
OMV, has contracted the JV to equip and utilize its proprietary InteliWell
software on the drilling rig Transocean Norge.

Transocean Norge is a harsh environment unit with capacity of conducting
drilling operations in water depths up to 1,000 metres and maximum drilling
depth of 12,200 metres. The harsh environment, semisubmersible will commence a
joint contract with Wintershall Dea and OMV for the drilling of 17 wells on the
Norwegian continental shelf.

“InteliWell will enable more efficient and consistent execution of drilling
operations, which will result in reduced drilling time and costs for both the
Operators, Wintershall Dea and OMV, and Transocean. Additionally, the use of
InteliWell will improve safety by reducing the need for manual work and
personnel exposure in red zones on the rig floor,” says Stig Trydal, Board
Member of InteliWell, and Managing Director of Intellilift.


Hieman lisää asiaa tuosta sopimuksesta

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Dubai Maritime City (DMC), the multi-purpose industrial and commercial maritime hub of DP World, a leading global supply chain solutions provider, has awarded Syncrolift AS, the world’s leading manufacturer of ship lifts and transfer systems, a major contract to upgrade its facilities to reach a capacity of 2,000 docking and undocking operations per year.**

The project is expected to cost $10.3 million and take 450 days to implement. Upon completion, it will boost DMC’s total ship handling capacity from 800 to 2,000 per year.

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Nyt myös Nekkarin uudelle tulokkaalle Techanolle 4M€ tilaus :partying_face:
toimitus 2024

Nekkar awarded crane contract for offshore wind vessel

23 May 2023 - Nekkar ASA (Nekkar), through the recently acquired Techano Group,
has been awarded a contract to deliver an offshore crane to a newbuild cable-lay
support vessel (CLSV) that Sefine Shipyard is building for Norwegian shipowner

Under the contract, Nekkar will deliver a 70-tonnes offshore crane capable of
performing both subsea installation and removal operations plus topside
3D-compensated lifting operations in conjunction with wind farm developments and
operations. The total contract value, including certain options, is
approximately EUR 4 million.

Nekkar will conduct the engineering and project management from the group’s
headquarter in Kristiansand, Norway. The completed crane will be delivered to
Nekkar’s contract partner, Sefine Shipyard in Turkey, in 2024.

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Tässä osavuosikatsaus. Oikeaan suuntaan kehitystä luvuissa ja uusissa liiketoiminnoissa. Esityksessä oli ensimmäistä kertaa avattu numeroina näkyvyyttä tuleviin mahdollisiin Syncrolift sopimuksiin.

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Aktiviteettia alkaa löytymään markkinalta, useammasta pienemmästä tilauksesta yhteensä 85MNOK tilauskantaa lisää ja pysäytettyjä projekteja aktivoitu uudestaan

Nekkar ASA: Syncrolift awarded contracts worth NOK 85 million
30.6.2023 08:22:11 CEST | Nekkar ASA | Non-regulatory press releases

30 June 2023 - Nekkar ASA’s subsidiary Syncrolift AS has been awarded three
contracts, with a combined value of approximately NOK 85 million, for various
equipment deliveries for shiplifts and ship transfer systems.

Song Thu Shipyard in Vietnam has placed a contract for an extension of a
shiplift and transfer system previously supplied by Syncrolift.

An undisclosed maritime zone in the Middle East has placed an order for a ship
transfer system.

In addition, Cochin Shipyard in India has entered into an agreement with
Syncrolift to reactivate a previously paused shiplift project, with associated
reimbursement to Syncrolift.

Syncrolift will conduct engineering and project management for all three
projects from its headquarter in Vestby, Norway. Equipment deliveries and
commissioning will be conducted throughout 2023 and 2024.

“The Song Thu project reiterates Syncrolift’s excellent track record at this
yard, while the contract in the Middle East could open the door for further
deliveries in the future. Moreover, we are very pleased to see that Cochin
Shipyard’s project is back on track. Overall, these awards represent the high
tender activity we see in the market, and we are delighted to maintain a high
win-rate,” says Rolf-Atle Tomassen, managing director of Syncrolift AS.

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Syncrolift® Inc. and DM Consulting Inc (DMC) are partnering to revolutionize shipyard operations and enhance safety. With a combined 150+ years of experience, DMC is a leading authority on ship drydocking, while Syncrolift® brings seven decades of expertise and 300 shiplift installations worldwide. The collaboration aims to modernize outdated practices, maximize safety, and provide top-notch training and support, ensuring shipyards are equipped with 21st-century engineering practices.

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Ensi vuodelle vähän lisää tekemistä :+1:

Nekkar ASA: Syncrolift awarded contract

25.8.2023 09:12:01 CEST | Nekkar ASA | Non-regulatory press releases

25 August 2023 - Nekkar ASA’s subsidiary Syncrolift AS has been awarded a
contract to deliver an advanced ship transfer system to an undisclosed European
naval shipyard

The agreement, which includes delivery of an advanced ship transfer system and a
lifecycle service contract, is worth approximately NOK 30 million.

“We have delivered several similar transfer systems in the past, but this new
system is more technologically advanced, giving our customer more accuracy and
ease of operation,” says Rolf-Atle Tomassen, managing director of Syncrolift AS.

Project management, development and testing will be done from Syncrolift’s
headquarters and Innovation Lab in Vestby, Norway.

The transfer system will be delivered in the second half of 2024.

Syncrolift is the world’s leading manufacturer of shiplifts and transfer
systems. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oslo-listed Nekkar ASA.

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En ole tarkemmin seurannut yhtiön tekemistä, tästä ketjusta lähinnä. Yhtiöllä vaikeahko jakso keväästä 2021 takana. Näetkö käännettä tapahtuvaksi?

Suurin osa kannattavuuden haasteesta tulee USD/NOK kurssin vaikutuksesta raportoituun tulokseen.
Myös projektien tuloutus vaihtelee kvartaaleittain olennaisesti, joten kvartaaliraportointia pitää tulkita hieman siltä kannalta.

Uusia projekteja on maailmalla odottamassa päätöstä useita. Pearlson on voittanut nyt USA:ssa muutaman, missä se on ollut aiemminkin vahvoilla. Globaalisti Synchrolift asemoitunut vahvemmin. Backlogia on rakennuspuolella vielä hyvin, mutta parin-kolmen vuoden päähän alkaisi tarvitsemaan täydennystä.

Muutos on menossa myös Synchroliftin palvelupuolella, jossa kasvu ollut merkittävää.

Uudet lähdöt on vielä työn alla, kaupallistaminen ratkaisee niiden kohtalon tietysti olennaisesti.
Intelliwell varsinkin pitäisi alkaa näkymään liikevaihdon puolella, samoin juuri lähes ilmaiseksi ostettu Techano.

Osakekurssiin on nähdäkseni vaikuttanut erityisesti globaali tilanne, projektien viivästyminen sekä NOK alennustila.
Isompi uusprojekti tai jonkin uuden tuoteryhmän positiivinen uutinen näkynee nopeasti arvostuksessa. Niissä on valuaation osalta triggerit, mutta onhan niitä myös odotettu vuosia tapahtuvaksi :sweat_smile:

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Kuinka hyvin yhtiön tuotanto varsinkin Syncroliftin puolella skaalautuu, jos kysyntä kasvaisi voimakkaasti? Onko se mahdollinen pullonkaula isompaan hyppyyn?

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Ymmärtääkseni suurin osa projekteista ja niiden ajasta menee paikan päällä, jossa Syncrolift ei ole tekemässä toteutusta, vaan käyttää alihankintaa ja tekee itse projektinohjauksen.

Tuotannossa tuskin näillä tilausmäärillä tulee pullonkaulaa. Lisäksi erityisesti uudet rakennusprojektit on pitkiä, joista nosturit vain pienempi osa. Tällöin suunnittelu- ja tuotantoaikaa on etukäteen hyvin käytettävissä

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Nimenomaan alihankinnan hallinta on monesti vaikeaa, kun tekevät tyypillisesti tuotantoa muillekin. Mutta en tosiaan tunne niin tarkasti toimintamalleja, luotetaan sun lausuntoon. Yhtiöhän on mielenkiintoinen kyllä.

Projektienhallinnasta on vuosien ajalta kertynyt kokemusta, joka ilmeisesti toimii hyvin.

Palvelupuoli on myös hyvin kehittynyt uusi osa toimintaa, jota ei aiemmin juuri ole tehty. Tästä saa jatkuvaa tuloa sekä parempaa katetta. Sopimuksiakin on jo kertynyt, arvoltaan toki pienempiä.

Myös Techanolla toimituksia saatu maaliin, mutta samalla myös palvelusopimus Salmarin kanssa. Arvoa ei julkaistu.

In conjunction with the considerably equipment supply, Salmar and Techano Oceanlift have entered into a service agreement.

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Tätä olenkin jo odotellut, että milloin aloitetaan.
Mieluummin omien ostot Norjan pörssistä kuin osingot :sweat_smile:

Vielä kun ostot mitätöidään ohjelman aikana/lopussa, niin :+1:
Ostojen tarkoitusta kun ei ole tässä mainittu, muuta kuin omistaja-arvon luominen.

Nekkar ASA: Initiation of share buy-back program
29.8.2023 18:41:26 CEST | Nekkar ASA | Additional regulated information required
to be disclosed under the laws of a member state

The Board of Directors of Nekkar ASA (“Nekkar” or the “Company”) has resolved to
initiate a share buy-back program. The share buy-back program will be executed
in accordance with the authorization granted to the Board of Directors by the
Annual General Meeting of Nekkar held on May 30, 2023. The program will be used
for corporate purposes in accordance with the above-mentioned authorization.

The share buy-back program covers purchase of up to 10,742,711 shares, and the
maximum amount of the program shall be NOK 80 million. The buy-back program is
expected to commence in September 2023 and is planned finalized within June
30th, 2024 at the latest.

Nekkar possesses a robust balance sheet, characterized by a significant cash
position and the absence of any interest-bearing debt. The board is of the
opinion that utilizing a portion of this available cash for a share buy-back
program would be in the best interest of the company’s shareholders.

The share buy-back program will be managed by an independent financial
investment firm, which will make its trading decisions regarding the timing of
the share repurchases independently of, and without influence by, Nekkar.

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H1 raportin myötä tulikin paljon purtavaa :sweat_smile:

Nekkar ASA_Q2_2023_presentation.pdf (5,0 Mt)
Ja luvut
Nekkar ASA Financial Statement Q2 H1 2023.pdf (589,7 Kt)

30 August 2023 - Nekkar ASA (Nekkar) delivered revenue of NOK 132 million in the
second quarter of 2023, up 32 percent from the same quarter last year (Q2 2022:
100). Operational EBITDA was NOK 27 million (25), equivalent to an operational
EBITDA margin of 20.6 percent (24.7).

“We delivered another solid quarterly financial result. Coupled with a more
diversified revenue base, healthy order intake and high tender activity, we
believe that we are well positioned to generate further growth in the coming
years,” says Ole Falk Hansen, CEO of Nekkar.

Order intake in the second quarter of 2023 was NOK 148 million, a significant
improvement from the same quarter last year (24). The order intake includes
three shiplift and ship transfer system contracts for Syncrolift worth
approximately NOK 85 million, and a EUR 4 million crane contract for Techano

Nekkar’s order backlog stood at NOK 864 million (795) as of 30 June 2023, which
provides excellent visibility for Nekkar’s subsidiary Syncrolift in the next
couple of years.

Nekkar reported revenue of NOK 132 million (100) in the second quarter. The
company’s operational EBITDA* was NOK 27 million (25), representing a margin of
20.6% (24.7%). Reported EBITDA was NOK 36 million (6), while EBIT was NOK 34
million (4).

Cash conversion has been very strong in the first half of 2023. Cash flow from
operations was NOK 81.7 million in H1 2023 versus NOK 21.9 million in the same
period last year. Net cash flow was NOK 54.8 million in H1 2023 compared to NOK
13.7 million in H1 2022.

Consequently, Nekkar’s balance sheet remains solid. At the end of the second
quarter 2023, the company had NOK 236 million in cash, no interest-bearing debt,
and an undrawn NOK 200 million credit facility available for future investments.

Skywalkerin kaupallistamiseen ensimmäiset näkyvämmät askeleet

During the second quarter, Nekkar entered into agreements with three different offshore wind consortiums that aim to utilize SkyWalker as major component exchange tool on wind turbine generators should the consortiums’ bids be successful in Norway’s first offshore wind licensing round.

Samoin Starfish, kaupallistaminen edistyy

For Starfish, we are pleased to announce that we partner with BEWI Invest through a joint investment in the aquaculture industry supplier FiiZK. FiiZK is the leading provider of closed cage systems for fish farming. The company also provides software tools for optimizing fish farming planning, operations, and analysis.

“The integration of FiiZK’s established market position and Nekkar’s Starfish technology strengthens the company’s position as the market leading provider of closed cage solutions and aquaculture software,” says Ole Falk Hansen. See separate stock exchange announcement for more details.

Yhdessä BEWI Investin kanssa osuus FiiZK, joka toimittaa suljettuja kasvattamoita.
Odotettu lähtökohta, että toteutus tehdään yhdessä jonkin toimijan kanssa.

Muiltakin osin vallan mieluisaa luettavaa.

  • Techano jatkaa siitä mihin aiemmin jäi, sopiva lisäys portfolioon
  • Intellilift alkaa näkymään tulosriveillä.
  • Synchrolift 4 uutta sopimusta 115MNOK arvosta, backlogiin täydennystä
  • Vahva kassavirta Q2:lla ja velaton
  • Omien ostot, jopa 10% osakekannasta (!)


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Jotain omia ajatuksia.

2022 välivuoden jälkeen palattu taas selkeään kasvukantaan. H1 tuloksessa oli vieläkin -14 MNOK rahoituskuluista, jotka suurimmalta osin seurausta valuuttainstrumenttien arvonmuutoksista. Norjan kruunu jatkaa aika epästabiilina. Kannattaa siis rahavirtaa katsoa, joka on puolestaan vahvaa. Tänä vuonna voisi helposti tehdä taas + 100 MNOK vapaata rahavirtaa, kun ohjeistuskin oli loppuvuodelle: “We expect good operational and financial performance from Syncrolift in the coming quarters.” Sitä voi verrata markkina-arvoon joka eilisellä kurssilla noin 800 MNOK.

Pääomitetut kehityskustannukset oli noin 20 MNOK vuosina 2021 ja 2022, kun taas nyt H1:lla 8,3 MNOK, ja ne luultavasti laskevat edelleen nyt kun Starfishin jatkokehitys siirtyy ulkopuolelle yhteisyritykseen, joten kaikkein pahin investointivaihe on ehkä takanapäin. Rahaa voi siis alkaa jakaa nyt osakkeenomistajillekin, niin kuin nähtiin omien osakkeiden ostojen alettua (80 MNOK).

Pisti huomioon tuossa FiiZK kaupassa, että Starfish vaihdettiin apporttina osakkeisiin käytännössä sen kehitysarvolla, joka oli taseessa noin 25 MNOK. FiizK on näköjään aika kovaa kasvanut sekä voitollinen yhtiö (ainakin vuosina 2021 ja 2020) ja 2021 tuloksella laskettuna osakkeet saatiin jollain 8,7 P/E:llä, joten kai se on ihan hyvä vaihtokauppa tässä tilanteessa.

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