Plug Power ($PLUG)

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Plug sai komean suositusnoston, tavoitehinta 78 USD. Päivän kurssireaktio on siis -3%. Outoa mutta kummallista.

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Eteenpäin mennään…

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Tämä ei ollut muuten nosto vaan uusinta. Sama tavoitehinta ollut jo viime vuoden tammikuusta asti.

edit: elokuusta asti.

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World first: inauguration of the world’s first pilot site for offshore green hydrogen production

On Thursday 22 September 2022, at Saint-Nazaire, Lhyfe will inaugurate its offshore green hydrogen production demonstrator, the world’s first pilot unit for offshore green hydrogen production, at SEM-REV, the leading European offshore multi-technology testing site off the coast of Le Croisic. The platform will have production capacity of 400 kg of green hydrogen per day, i.e total capacity of 1 MW.

In parallel, in June 2022, Lhyfe and Chantiers de l’Atlantique signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of hydrogen production platforms not only offshore but also in port areas. For these offshore projects, the two companies plan to develop hydrogen production solutions with capacity of at least 100 MW, which will be installed on existing fixed structures, or on either fixed or floating foundations.

By 2030-2035, offshore could therefore provide Lhyfe around 3 GW in additional installed capacity.

Conclusion of a collaboration and business development agreement with Plug and order for electrolyzers

Lhyfe signed a partnership agreement with Plug, a major player in green hydrogen, to continue their collaboration and jointly develop green hydrogen production units across Europe. This collaboration aims to co-develop by 2025 a total hydrogen production capacity of 300 MW (i.e. up to 120 tonnes of green hydrogen per day) across Europe, which will mainly serve on-road and off-road mobility applications.

The agreement is backed by a collaboration initiated in 2021 between the two companies, which has already resulted in the deployment by Lhyfe of the world’s first offshore hydrogen production unit, for which Plug provided its PEM electrolyser technology and which will be inaugurated on 22 September 2022, as well as in the order by Lhyfe of ten Plug Power electrolysers of 5 MW each. These electrolysers, with a total capacity of 50 MW (i.e. up to 20 tonnes per day), will enable Lhyfe to produce green hydrogen in several plants across Europe. This is the largest order for electrolysers ever placed by a French company.

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Nord Stream putkien räjähdys pisti ne ikuisesti historiaan. Vety teollisuudella baana auki ja politittiset ratkaisut tulevat olemaan sille iso tuki.

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