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Off the topic, but…

Tesla is not in my portfolio. However, I do consider Musk as one of the most innovative and forethoughtful company executives in the world (but not perfect). I think he has a genuine will to make world a better place.

Then why is he killing his customers? He could have put in a proper DMS long ago but that would be like saying FSD will never happen, well guess what FSD is a fraud and Autopilot isnt covering every risk, but he let’s his customers believe it, so they die.

He wants to make Mars a better place!

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Do you believe that Smart have 88 design wins that will make it to SOP?

The JLR (apparent wins) several years ago are not there. I know Timo states their owners had problems hence the delay. But are the exact number of wins quoted at the time, i think 13 still going to happen?

Smart still say 88 wins and no changes to the numbers given years ago. With what has happened over the past few years its hard to believe OEMs are still to produce what they thought they were going to.

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So Elon is a serial killer because he did not choose eye-tracking dms and Seeing Machines as its supplier? Ok, I can understand where your frustration comes from.

This is Seeing Machines discussion, not Smart Eye, so I will answer on a general level. Majority of SM / SE company values come from the expected rfq pipeline and not from the design wins they have already won. Hence, I don’t bother myself too much on this specific topic.

However, I do admit the more there are models in production, the higher confidence one should have on its race horse. But then again, it’s not only about what’s already in the production but also about the design wins in the past 2-3 years (soon to be in production). That makes a big difference between SM and SE. Let’s see if SM new product strategy will bring results or if they are left behind for good.

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You know that if i asked the question on Smart 88 design wins on the Smart board it would be removed.

So I understand your reluctance to be specific and only answer in general terms. You raised the comment about investing in honest leaders but the fact that Smart keep highlighting 88 design wins as a marketing ploy is somewhat less than honest?

SEE have stated 30 models in production by mid 2023. If thats the case thats impressive.
I guess strategy of Software only (Merc, BMW) , chip if you want (Ford, FCA) and IP license (Omni) added to Qualcomm baking SEE IP into Snapdragon4… may or may not work.

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Never seen such a detailed explanation of what it takes…

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Yes, and the comments are insightful too:

Uusimmassa see-videossa vilahtaa bemarin ja mersun lisäksi mini ja seat. Aikaisemmin see:n materiaalissa on näkynyt ainakin audi.

Voikohan tuosta vetää jotain johtopäätöksiä tulevista winneistä?

Video: https://youtu.be/1a3Y0WDcFEk

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I would doubt it. SEE actually own and test a tesla but that hasn’t happened. It’s difficult to work out which oems SEE and indeed Seye are working with.

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